Mary Jungels Goodyear



My work is inspired by the natural world and its endless possibilities for fascinating color relationships. I painted wildlife portraits and landscapes in junior high and high school from Arizona Highways, capturing the vibrant contrasting colors of awe-inspiring landscapes. When it comes to detailing representational work, I’m practical, systematic, and logical. I seek spatial balance and organization, even in an abstract environment.

My collection of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings are composed from several different stylistic approaches. My abstract works have come purely from imagination, self discovery, and actively exploring new possibilities in color formed space. Paintings with representational subjects and elements are produced through environmental study, in-depth research, painting on location "plein air", or working in several different collage techniques. 

My Layered Landscapes painting series uses collage to explore the possibilities of what can function as sky, foreground, and background, therefore inviting the viewer to expand their interpretation of the horizon line and break through the known boundaries. White Horse demonstrates this theory, expanding a large scale image from a photograph of a madrone branch to fill the entire picture plane. Then specific elements from other photographs are selected, re-scaled, and carefully positioned on the madrone surface. The result is a re-invention of space that cues its own sensory experience for the viewer.

I’m currently Painting the Cosmos in a series of original acrylic works inspired by my research, abstract reflections, and a fascination for observing planets, nebulas, black holes, galaxies, and molecular clouds. Painting the Cosmos examines the mysteries of color, movement, light, and creation in the darkness and vastness of space. 

Collectors of my work can expect originality, high quality pigments, textural atmosphere, evolutionary color relationships, and the pleasure of observing the composition fluidly, endlessly. To purchase original art is to love it deeply, enjoy it for life, and relish in its transformations. Eventually, a thought or vision inspires action, which turns into art



I use high quality pigments from Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics, and M. Graham Artists' Oil, Watercolor, and Guache.  I select my medium for a particular painting based on its unique sensitivities to the desired surface finish and texture I wish to achieve.

I find Collage to be a practical and prolific design medium for both the canvas and the theatre stage. Using magazines, digital media, and photo-assemblage, I cut and paste images into one new unified composition. The most recent addition to my collage process, photo-assemblage, combines specific elements from different photographs, inviting the viewer to experience depth perception in novel ways. Through re-interpretation of form and bold color relationships, I'm providing the freedom to explore unfamiliar territories that transcend reality, adding another dimension to my work. When assembling these disparate parts and pieces, I’m altering their scale and playing with transparency in some instances, allowing the viewer to see through objects and grasp their impermanence. 

Collage techniques can produce a more tactile experience when combining magazine clippings with sketches, watercolor, or acrylic mediums. Sometimes these physical elements are gathered together on a 2D surface for a completed product that more closely resembles a found objects approach. The collage process can also be achieved digitally by collecting all the visual pieces and bringing them together for further development in a software design program like Photoshop or InDesign. 

I enjoy working in three dimensional forms, building scale models for the stage, making felted wool characters and animals, and creating an armature for collage using three dimensional objects. I've recently explored decoupage using colored tissue paper with ModPodge on glass vessels, lamps, and mason jars. When illuminated, they penetrate the atmosphere as multidimensional bodies reflecting the colors and shapes of light onto nearby surfaces..



American Artist and Theatrical Scene Designer, Mary Jungels Goodyear, was born January 20th, 1972 in Port Byron IL. Beginning at age eleven painting landscapes and wildlife portraits in acrylic, and exploring oil as a second medium in 8th grade. During her freshman year of high school, Mary’s acrylic painting of Havasupai Falls won first place in the state of Illinois, out of 11,000 entries, in the Wonders of the World contest. During her senior year, she enrolled in evening oil painting classes at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, and received first place at Marycrest College in Iowa, with her acrylic painting of the Colorado River.

Mary continued her education in the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State University. Inspired by the landscapes of the Western U.S., she attended the University of Montana during her junior year of studies through the National Student Exchange program. When Mary returned to ISU her senior year, she was commissioned to design & paint a mural of fantasy for the Normal Public Library Children’s Department. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Painting on May 14th, 1994. 

Discovering the face as a canvas, Mary pursued a career in Make-up Artistry, and was educated at the Aveda Institute in Milwaukee, WI. She worked professionally as a make-up artist for the Midwest Beauty Show in Chicago, IL, and on location for regional commercials, videos, & photographers. Moving to Eugene, OR in 1998, Mary continued working professionally as a make-up artist & manager for Lancôme Cosmetics. 

In the fall of 2001, Mary’s art entered another dimension when she took to the stage in pursuit of her MFA in Theatrical Scene Design at the University of Oregon. She mastered new skills working in collage and watercolor during her course of studies. Mary received a Graduate Teaching Fellowship, teaching technical production and scene painting, while working in scenery construction & set design. In the afternoons she taught Art Exploration courses at Springfield Middle School & Brattain Elementary, and worked as a scene designer & scenic artist for the Madd Duckling Children’s Theatre.

In June of 2004, Mary attended the Broadway Lighting Master Classes in New York, where she learned innovative design techniques from Broadway’s top lighting designers. She completed her MFA in 2005 with her set design & scenic artistry for Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge, along with her illustrated thesis: Converging Urban & Domestic Landscapes. After graduating, Mary was hired by the University of Oregon School of Music as the technical director, set designer, & scenic artist for Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.

In the summer of 2006, Mary started her own design and painting business, Atmospheres LLC, expanding in areas of Graphic Design, Interior Color Design, and Watercolor Illustration. Her watercolor of Albuquerque, New Mexico was published by Do Life Right Inc., for Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery in 2010.

Mary brought Atmospheres LLC to the Heartland when she returned to Normal, IL in 2011. Some of her recent work includes a series of painted landscapes for the Citizens Bank of Chatsworth, graphic design for local & regional clients, & children’s book illustration. In May, 2014, Mary exhibited Layered Landscapes, her series of oil, acrylic, & watercolor paintings, at Illinois Wesleyan University’s Wakeley Gallery. 

Mary continues working professionally as a set designer and scenic artist, most recently for Saint Lawrence University’s musical production of Spring Awakening. In September, 2018, she travelled to New York for a residency at SLU to paint the set in preparation for the show’s November 7th opening. In addition to her active studio and design work, Mary is an Instructional Assistant Professor at Illinois State University in the School of Theatre and Dance, where she teaches Scene Painting & Scene Design.